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flange ground screw used in industry

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Ground screw Introduction

The surface of the hot-forged metal pipe is welded with a pipe pile with spiral blades. 

The spiral is mainly composed of a hot-forged pipe body, a spiral piece, and a connecting flange. 

The spiral piece and flange are welded on the pipe body, and then the whole is heated. Galvanized treatment. 

It is screwed into the ground by a special screw pile screwing device to replace the original concrete foundation, and the top is connected to the load. 


Ground screw are a new type of basic building material.

a) Can partially replace the traditional reinforced concrete pouring construction technology, 

b) Making the building foundation more flexible and faster. 

It eliminates construction costs such as ground leveling, waste soil treatment and excavation, and can be widely used in foundation construction in all walks of life.

ground screw pile foundation (4)

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