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Advantages of screw anchor

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Not restricted by construction site and climatic conditions.

Even in weather conditions such as rain and snow, construction can be carried out in various natural environments such as mountains and other narrow areas, cliffs, dams, wetlands, and rocky ground.

Different installation methods can be adopted according to different geological conditions.

Screw anchors are rotated and pressed into the ground, and the spiral pieces are closely integrated with the ground, with strong cohesive force and high stability, and construction can also be carried out on soft sandy soil. In mountainous areas and narrow areas where large equipment is difficult to access, manual installation can be used for construction.

The non-excavation method is adopted, which greatly shortens the construction time.

The installation of the concrete foundation requires the excavation and backfilling process, and the concrete curing also requires at least 2 to 3 days. There are no excavation and backfilling works during the installation of the spiral piles, and part of the works can be completed within one day, greatly shortening the construction time and construction costs, and the cost-effectiveness far exceeds that of the concrete foundation.

Environmentally friendly construction methods that will not affect or damage the environment.

There is no need to remove plants from the construction site, and the original ecological environment will not be damaged. When dismantling, only need to unscrew the spiral piles from the ground, and the spiral piles can be recycled in other places.

Convenient transportation and improve construction efficiency.

Screw anchors have a single weight of 2kg, which is light in weight and small in size, making it easy to use vehicles for transportation and manual handling. Greatly reduce labor expenditures and transportation costs.

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