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How to install a ground anchor?

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  1. Mark the site for the ground anchor with chalk or spray paint.

  2. Stand the ground anchor on the marked spot, with the sharp tip facing downward.

  3. Snap the ground anchor installation wrench onto the shaft of the screw. This is a large bar that sits perpendicular to the anchor and can be used to gain leverage to turn it.

  4. Turn the installation wrench until the top of the anchor is at ground level. This requires two people to push on either side of the long wrench bar.

  5. Remove the wrench. Fit the stabilizer plate over the protruding top of the anchor.

  6. Hammer the stabilizer plate into the ground. This prevents the top of the anchor from shifting sideways.

  7. Slide a fastener head over the threaded rod rising from the top of the ground anchor. Beams can then be attached to the head and held to the ground.

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