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How to choose Spikes?

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    As far as stainless steel spikes and plastic spikes go, which is the best for you? 

    Each has several advantages that can make it an optimal choice depending on the needs of the business. 

    Stainless steel is less visible, as the sunlight can make the metal almost disappear to most viewpoints. The metal won't cause customers' eyes to drift away from the signs the business wants to display, making stainless steel a great choice for businesses who don't want to draw attention to their attempts to keep birds away. Although stainless steel isn't rust-proof, it does resist rust well, creating a strong and appealing appearance. With its wider surface at eight inches, stainless steel covers a larger part of the roof, giving you more coverage for your money. 

    On the other hand, plastic spikes are less expensive and stronger than steel spikes. Plastic spikes are made of a strong polycarbonate material, allowing them to withstand the weight of heavier birds such as hawks or raptors. Plus, plastic spikes are available in multiple colors, making them an ideal choice for schools that might use a pest problem to help promote school spirit. When you want people to see your bird spikes because they're designed to work with the building's aesthetics, plastic spikes are definitely the right choice for your needs.


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