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How to Know if Gate Valves are Open?

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Gate valves are a type of isolation (or shut off) valve that are found on pipes that require the complete turn off or on of flow. Gate valves have a knob on top that when turned raises and lowers the gate inside, hence the name. To turn on the gate valve, you turn the knob counter-clockwise, and you turn it clockwise to turn off the valve.

There is no visual indicator to see if a gate valve is open or closed. It is, therefore, important to remember that when you are turning the knob you must stop when you hit resistance; to continue to try and turn the valve could potentially damage the gate, rendering your gate valve ineffective.


The most common uses around the house for gate valves are for your main water shut off or, as you might see more frequently, the water spigot on the outside of your home.

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