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Defender stainless steel pest control bird spike

Bird Spike we sell can be used to deter pest birds in residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial settings.

1. Easy to Install - Attach quickly with adhesive, nails, screws, wire ties, etc.
2. Polycarbonate is transparent which is practically invisible include UV..
3. Cut recurring cleanup and repair costs with a one-time solution.
4. Protect buildings and equipment from corrosive droppings.
5. Environmentally Friendly - And Non-Lethal.
  • BWGCBS03
  • 732690
  • Tianjin Port
  • PP,PC, Ss201, SS304, SS316
  • Environmental Protection
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Settings
  • 50 PCS/Standard Exporting Carton Box
  • 500PCS

Product Name: Bird Spikes
Target Pests: Birds, Pigeon
Material Spikes: PC, SS201, SS304, SS316
Material Base: PC, SS304
Base Length: 50cm
Base Width: 2cm
Spike Diameter:0.3mm
Spike Length:11cm
Port of Loading: Xingang Port, Tianjin or any other China Port by customer required


Stainless steel anti bird spikes can prevent birds from nesting and destructing your property with Plastic Spikes. This anti bird roosting spike is a non-harmful, easy applicable and highly effective method of bird repellent that is 100% effective where it is installed. Irritating pigeon control spikes are low-profile and light-weight. 

Bird spikes are made from durable and light material. The spikes will not harm the bird as it tries to land. The spikes will act as a deterrent and the birds will fly away to find another perch or roosting place.  

- Easy-to-install anti-bird spikes to protect fences, window ledges, guttering and roof cavities, even can be installed on round surfaces.
- Repel bird, such as Seagulls, crows, pigeons, starlings, sparrows and more.
- Great for balconies, roofs, barn rafters, commercial signs, patios, parking lots and more.
- Humane, will not harm birds! low cost effective solution that is virtually invisible.

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Why Bird Spikes Needed?
Creat an uneven surface that birds can not land on.
2. Avoid the trouble of cleaning up birds feces on the wall & buildings.
3. Free from bothered by the loud calls, especially at night.
4. Protect your property from damage by birds.
5. Not designed to hurt or kill birds.
6. Reduce health & liability risks associated with pest bird infestation

Where Need Bird Spikes?
1. Yards, gardens, gates, fences, barns.
2. Eaves, porches, rooftops, windowsill.
3. Signs, billboards, ledges, pipes.
4. Parapets, aerials, beams, rafters.
5. Garages, playgrounds, stables, patios, chimneys.
6. Areas above cars and almost all surfaces.

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Except for fence post cap, we have wood connector and post anchor products, more two size you can choose.
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